Sunday, November 4, 2007

One Love

One of my good friends got married this week. Jake Olson and Christine Olson. The wedding dinner was at an upscale restaurant called "Paris". It was in sugarhouse SLC. The dinner was formidable and very nice. The reception was held at La Caille restaurant, which is probably the nicest restaurant in Utah. It was amazing and beautiful. It was amazing though, the difference between the best the world had to offer, and what the temple had to offer. The temple trumped all other events. It was amazing. The spirit was so strong. I felt so renewed thinking about my covenants not only to God, but to my wife and family. I know that the temple is where God dwells and that being sealed for time and all eternity really does happen. I wish Jake and Christine the best in their new life together.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

More Than a Feeling

I am hoping that the BoSox sweep the Colorado Rockies today. Game 4 starts in about two hours. I have really enjoyed baseball this year more than ever. I don't care to watch the NFL really at all. The pace of baseball and my recent viewing of its history (ken burns Baseball) makes me really enjoy it. I was always better at football, But due to anxiety and deppression I stopped playing. I did better with basketball and baseball because of the more relaxed atmosphere. Now i have the Parry's that also love baseball that makes it fun as well. Celeste took me to a Rockies game on my birthday, and I took her to a Mariners game on hers. It is so fun to go to a beautiful park and just talk eat some food and relax. Well, the Red Sox have been my team all growing up. It must of started when Becky and Craig were in Boston attending Harvard. I also liked a pitcher they had named Bruce Hurst who was from St. George. My love of the Red Sox is somewhat bitter-sweet. They have been the underdog for more years than my dead grampa lived on this earth. It was great. It always seemed like not a lot of people liked them. Now they are the most popular team in America. Well what do you do? I still love them, and I guess the band wagoners just help the team.

Walking Man

October 15, 2007
We went to the Pumpkin patch with the Wrights for family night. Dave is constantly trying to pick which son of his gets Sawyer for their future wife. I always laugh! The truth is, I look at those boys as big brothers to her. They are good kids with good righteous parents. I love the picture with Porter that basically says, I will beat you down if you mess with Sawyer. I had a dream that I told Porter when he was older, that his Dad is one of the most righteous best men i have ever had to look up to. I am glad that between work and Celeste's relationship with Kirsten, that we could become a family.
We had a great time at the pumpkin patch. Porter had his Diego back pack on while Sawyer borrowed Rossi's niece's sweatshirt. We picked some good pumpkins all while individually losing each of the wright boys. We then for a couple of bucks paid by me (I note that I paid because i was able to score Del Taco from Dave on account of it) we road some pony's. After the Pony's it was too dark so we went home!

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Seattle was an amazing experience. The most important thing was being together as a family in a great enviroment. People in Seattle were so easy going and it was a great town to visit. It helped that we hardly saw any rain the whole time we were there. The outline of the trip was the train, the game, the concert, the museum, pike's place, the duck tour, a little golf, and a carnival that I won Sawyer a big pink bear at with some Josh Beckett type pitching.

Along Way to Go, and a short while to get there

This is why we bring Susie. The Seattle Duck's Tour. for the history of the DUKW amphibious vehicle. Across the street from the Exerience Music Project Susie saw the Ducks and thought it looked fun. Well.... She was absolutely right!!! We waited in line for 30 minutes or so eating McDonald's from accross the street. After that it was Duck Time. It was a mix of great factoid history and good ol' fashion fun music. Everyone had a blast. A must do in Seattle!!! Sawyer had a blast for the first hour and crashed for the last half hour. She then crashed on the Couches of the EMP for another hour or so. It was so fun!!!

Along Way to

Experience Music Project

Oh ya and the Science Fiction Museum is somewhere in the Basement there! We went to the Paul Allen (Microsoft) sponsored Museum for Music. It looks like someone at a bunch of aluminum and pooped out a blob of metal with some form to it. Jimi Hendrix was from Seattle and we also saw an excellent exhibit on Grunge music with my favorites from growing up. I.E. Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Sound Garden, and others. Sawyer had fun at the kids exhibit and at the Disney portion of the museum. It was special to me because my Mom and I share a love for similar music even though it isn't necessarily my grunge favorites.

I love the BoSox, but, I like the Angels too!!!

August 29, 2007
Celeste's Birthday

After deciding that because the Angels play small ball, have a farm club in Salt Lake, and are close enough that I could see them play once in a while, they have become my second favorite team. We got off the Cascade train took a five minute taxi ride and we were at Thrifty Rental Car. Kudos to Celeste who found the train nice and close to the stadium and then found the rental car right there too. We got our bow chigga bow wow Chrysler 300, plopped all or our stuff in the trunk and walked a mile to the game. It was great! We walked down through the ocean front part of town, past Qwest field (Seahawks) all while buying street hot dogs, peanuts, cracker jacks, a new Mariners Brown bear (left the original non affiliated brown bear in the Portland Marriott) and a pretty pink Mariners fishing hat for Sawyer. It was good to have Susie Q there. She makes things fun. BTW the Angels won and I got to see Vlad Guerrero hit a bomb!!! Also, all the Parry Yankee fans told me I had to cheer for the Angels because of the Mariners Yankees race for October playoff spots. A little Factoid: SafeCo field has a retractable roof because it rains so much in Seattle!


August 29, 2007
Celeste's birthday. Well it was a miracle! We made the Cascade to Seattle by the skin of our teeth. Our Taxi never came in the morning because it was from Vancouver Washington, and apparently we needed one from Portland. Well needless to say we made it and I had a great time playing with Sawyer until she crashed for the last hour of the ride.