Sunday, October 28, 2007

More Than a Feeling

I am hoping that the BoSox sweep the Colorado Rockies today. Game 4 starts in about two hours. I have really enjoyed baseball this year more than ever. I don't care to watch the NFL really at all. The pace of baseball and my recent viewing of its history (ken burns Baseball) makes me really enjoy it. I was always better at football, But due to anxiety and deppression I stopped playing. I did better with basketball and baseball because of the more relaxed atmosphere. Now i have the Parry's that also love baseball that makes it fun as well. Celeste took me to a Rockies game on my birthday, and I took her to a Mariners game on hers. It is so fun to go to a beautiful park and just talk eat some food and relax. Well, the Red Sox have been my team all growing up. It must of started when Becky and Craig were in Boston attending Harvard. I also liked a pitcher they had named Bruce Hurst who was from St. George. My love of the Red Sox is somewhat bitter-sweet. They have been the underdog for more years than my dead grampa lived on this earth. It was great. It always seemed like not a lot of people liked them. Now they are the most popular team in America. Well what do you do? I still love them, and I guess the band wagoners just help the team.

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The Millers said...


This is Rachel Allen. I stumbled across your blog, and I really enjoyed seeing pictures of you and your beautiful wife and darling daughter! Your wife looks so familiar -- I think we may have been friends in Elementary school -- did she do the satellite program at Valley View? Anyway, I love the name Sawyer. So cute. It looks like you guys are doing great, which of course makes me very happy. It was funny to read about your love of the Red Sox. We live in Denver, but tried so hard to get tickets to the game that should have been tonight because my husband loves the Red Sox and was hoping tonight would be when they clinched the title. Well, we didn't end up getting tickets, and so Sam was so happy the Red Sox swept the Rockies -- he isn't a big fan of the Rockies. Sorry for such a long comment. I was just really excited to see you and your family, and glad to see that life is good.