Sunday, October 28, 2007

Walking Man

October 15, 2007
We went to the Pumpkin patch with the Wrights for family night. Dave is constantly trying to pick which son of his gets Sawyer for their future wife. I always laugh! The truth is, I look at those boys as big brothers to her. They are good kids with good righteous parents. I love the picture with Porter that basically says, I will beat you down if you mess with Sawyer. I had a dream that I told Porter when he was older, that his Dad is one of the most righteous best men i have ever had to look up to. I am glad that between work and Celeste's relationship with Kirsten, that we could become a family.
We had a great time at the pumpkin patch. Porter had his Diego back pack on while Sawyer borrowed Rossi's niece's sweatshirt. We picked some good pumpkins all while individually losing each of the wright boys. We then for a couple of bucks paid by me (I note that I paid because i was able to score Del Taco from Dave on account of it) we road some pony's. After the Pony's it was too dark so we went home!

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