Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Answered Prayer

This Tuesday I was going through the motions as usual. It was another day at work and I had a lunch set up for 12:30 at Asian Star. I have been a person with two forces pulling at me lately. It has weighed heavy on me to either find a career that is low key. I have thought about mowing lawns at the golf course or something like that. So I have that pulling me. I also have the part of me that wants to be a go getter, get after it, and be successful. I expressed my feeling to my good friends Justin Udy, Ben Lemon, and Marcel Giles. I felt as though I was the only one that battled with this. Mind you, these are really successful guys that I am opening up to. They encouraged me by saying that they all have similar feelings from time to time. They understood why I was feeling overwhelmed in setting goals for 2011. They inspired me to get moving again and get out of the basement. It is funny how we pray for help, and then the help is sent. That's what happened! God is good! He knows me, and wants to help me through others. I knocked out the rest of the day with some zeal. I felt revived and encouraged. I have been so depressed and anxious. It seems like that was a big piece of the puzzle in getting me back on track. Credit to my Father, and for my guys that He sent!!!

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Celeste said...

I'm so proud of your determination to plow through the downs & relish the ups. You are an inspiration.