Monday, January 10, 2011

National Championship and Basketball

I invited my family and I to Parry's tonight for the National Championship game. It was Auburn vs. Oregon. I don't know who won because I left at halftime to play some rec basketball. I have had a bit of a basketball resurgence lately. I have gotten my legs under me a little better and am really enjoying it. I played with Jake Kilgore, Brett Hewlett, Andrew Cottle, Sam Page, Brian Richardson. We lost. Other than losing, it was fun...If losing is ever fun?
So, time for a confession....Most likely followed by trouble...I don't know who won the national championship, but I am watching the Bachelor! Part of that is that Cyd, and Celeste like it and don't like football. The other part is that I kind of really like The Bachelor as well!

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Celeste said...

Yay! The Bachelor! I love that you watch that with me!! Hahaha! You are the best!