Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Mission Call and Jazz Game

When something seems just way to awesome for me, I call it magical! Last night was a magical evening. I got to be with my family, my girls, and my little guy. We went to the Parry's last night so that we could support them in Evan getting his mission call. The amount of people there as well as the love that was there were a testimony to their family. It was also a testimony on how the Lord unites people, friends, and families through His Gospel. Evan showed up later than the others. We all crowded into the living room. It was less than standing room only. As he opened the call, it seemed like those early LDS stories where people thought the building was on fire. The house was on fire with the Spirit of the Lord. Evan read it, paused, and then said let's play 20 questions! Ha Ha! He then said that he will be taking his "talents" to Nagoya, Japan. The "talents" was a reference to Lebron James. When he read part about Japan, there was a hush followed by a buzz. The Spirit was overwhelming. Craig, Evan's Dad went to Japan on his mission. Craig, Becky, and Evan lived their in Evan's first year of life. It was a wonderful experience. I felt honored to be there!

I had a great time at the Jazz Knick's game after the mission call party. I went with Mason Jacobs, Zach Jacobs, and Brock Andersen. They are all great guys. We enjoyed telling stories, watching the game, and enjoying one another's company. It was great!!!

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Celeste said...

I'm so proud of the amazing brother, uncle & son that you are.