Monday, January 24, 2011

Rocky Mountain High

This weekend we packed up Susie's suburban (thank you so much) and road tripped over to Denver (Littleton) Colorado. I bought Celeste and Cyd tickets to The Airborne Toxic Event with the Colorado Symphony. We left on Friday night, drove through Laramie on I-80 and got to my Aunt Rennei's and Uncle Bob's house around 2am. I love driving. It relaxes me a lot to be in the car, to have my babies sleeping and just having my thoughts in the middle of the night. When we got to the house, Abram had slept the entire way from Evanston to Littleton. He was a live wire. He was zooming around and chattering at full volume. It was pretty dang funny. I snuggled him tight and was able to help him fall back to sleep.
I woke up early because I was excited to talk with Bob and Rennei. Rennei is my Dad's half sister (same mother). From the first moment I woke up, I felt inspired by them. They are involved with their church, their family, their community, and their country club. They ARE GREAT PEOPLE! I loved talking with them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, about inspirational things, family and so much more. Bob and Shawn are very involved with a school called "Valor". It is a private Christian school the Bob and Rennei are and were very involved with developing. One of the highlights is that the football team that Shawn helps coach has one the state championship two years in a row. The highlight for me in all the talks was a moment that Bob, Rennei and I shared. I mentioned to them that their home reminded me of Galatians 5:22-23. The Spirit of the Lord dwelt there. The Spirit was so strong as we discussed that. I don't think I could have been warmer in my heart. I was welling up, Rennei's eyes were filled with tears and we were all open with each other. When we got done with our discussion, and I felt like wisdom had truly been shared with me, I couldn't help but reflect on things. I couldn't help but know that my Dad was looking down with Joy in his heart. It was such a wonderful spiritual connection. I loved it.
One of the other great things was Abes. Bob and Rennei ate him up. He was so cute. My favorite was watching him in his brown striped warm up pants, and t-shirt. He would run behind this little cart with wheels. he would run his little legs and then when the cart would go to fast, he couldn't keep up and so he would drag his legs behind the cart until it stopped. He couldn't steer the cart, and he definitely didn't have reverse. So when it stopped, he was like, "yeah, no worries, I meant to do this. I'll just park her right here and play." It was funny. Bob commented on Abes. He called him the extrovert. My favorite was when Bob said that Abram should be a piece rate worker. "He would be a millionaire by the end of the day!".
Rennei has her own golf cart and is a member at the Columbine Country Club. She took Sawyer and I for a tour of the golf course. Wow, it looked like fun. It looked tough though. I definitly want to go back and play in the summer. That would be fun. Sawyer loved all the bridges and the geese.
We drove home on Sunday morning. We took the I70 back through Vale and Steamboat and some of the other resorts. It was a pretty drive. Once again the babies were great. We all enjoyed the drive and felt blessed to be protected. We drove home safely and had a great quick trip to look back on.

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