Sunday, January 9, 2011

Las Vegas

Veeeevaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Los Vaeges! The words of Elvis are ringing in my ears as I just came home from Las Vegas last night. I was extremely introspective as we spent two nights and two days down in the city of sin. I couldn't help but think about going to Tron Legacy with Steven on Wednesday night. See the side bar for Steven's notes on the movie. The reason I bring this up is because of the intense religious symbolism of the movie. How does this apply to Las Vegas you ask? Well, the movie speaks of a character who has rebelled against the creator. The character's name was "Clue". Like I said, Clue rebelled and began to create an army. He rebelled because he was commanded to create a perfect system or grid. He was going to trim the fat, make sure everyone was perfect and then report back to the creator. Only problem was that the Creator knew this wouldn't work. Not this way. So the application to this thought is that Satan lead away a third of the host of heaven. It was a war in the pre-existence that we fought. We are now more than ever, fighting it again. I went to the strip twice this weekend and fealt like I was in the heart of that battle that I must have fought in years ago. Las Vegas is all things temporal. It appeared that these three things were at the top of the list and everywhere: food, money, and sex, with alcohol being included with food. This weekend was the Consumer Electronics Show, as well as the Pornography convention. I got done in Las Vegas on what was an amazing trip to focus on Celeste and Abram, and was reminded that we are in a WAR against "Clue" or the adversary.

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Celeste said...

I am proud of you for always being so vigilant at staying balanced. All the good & fun things of the world (well, most of them) can be enjoyed in moderation. You help our family hit that balance.